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Forms & Documents

2018-2023 Parks & Rec Master Plan

2019-20 Amended Budget

2019-20 Audit Report

2020 CVTRS & CIP Compliance Report

2020-21 Amended Budget

2020-21 Audit Report

2021 CVTRS & CIP Compliance Report

2021 Fire Contract

2021 Police - Non Supervisory Contract

2021 Police Command Contract

2021-22 Amended Budget

2021-22 Audit Report

2022 AFSCME Contract

2022 CVTRS & CIP Compliance Report

2022-23 Amended Budget

2022-23 Audit Report

2023 CVTRS & CIP Compliance Report

2023-2027 Parks & Rec Master Plan

2023-24 Adopted Budget

2024 DDA Impact Report

2024 DDA Impact Report

2024 Schedule of Meetings

Act 197 of 1975

Actuarial Report - 2013

Actuarial Report - 2014

Actuarial Report - 2015

Actuarial Report - 2018

Actuarial Report - 2019

Aiken Road Drop Off Map

Amphitheater Application

Amphitheater Use Policy & Guidelines

Application for Employment

Application for Use of Parking Lots, Parades or Similar Events

April Brush Pickup

Automatic Payment Cancellation Form - Utility Bills

Automatic Payment Enrollment Form - Utility Bills

Bed & Breakfast Application & Review

Bed & Breakfast Historic Criteria

Brush Pickup Program

Building & Community Development Survey

Building Board of Appeals Application

Building Board of Appeals Standing Rules

Building Permit Application-Commercial

Building Permit Application-Residential

Capital Improvement Plan 2019-2025

Capital Improvement Plan 2020-2026

Capital Improvement Plan 2021-2027

Capital Improvement Plan 2022-2028

Capital Improvement Plan 2023-2029

Capital Improvement Plan 2024-2030

Citizen Participation Plan

City Charter

City Council Rules of Procedure

City Park System Map

Code of Ordinances

Community Garden Participation Form

Conditional PRE - Rescission

DDA Bylaws


Downtown Historic District Map

Downtown Map

Downtown Parking Lots Map

Downtown Rental Rehab FAQ

Downtown Rental Rehab Info

Downtown Rental Rehab Pre-application

Downtown Revolving Loan Program Information

Electrical Permit Application

Enabling Ordinance

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule-2023

Fee Schedule-2023, effective July 1, 2023

Fence Application

FOIA - Affidavit of Indigence

FOIA - Appeal of Denial

FOIA - Appeal of Fee

FOIA - Denial of Records

FOIA - Extension of Response Time

FOIA - Request for Records

FOIA - Written Public Summary

FOIA Policy - Procedures & Guidelines

General City Personnel Manual

HDC Brochure

HDC Bylaws

HDC Design Guidelines

Historic District Commission - Application

Historic District Commission Survey-2010

Home Occupation Application

Important Public Education materials about lead in drinking water

January 13, 2013 Neighborhood Crime Report

Job Application

Kiwanis Trails

Land Combination Application

Leaf Pickup Brochure

Lot Split Application

Master Plan 2012

Master Plan 2021

Mechanical Permit Application - Commercial

Mechanical Permit Application - Residential

MERS Actuarial Report - 2020

MERS Actuarial Report - 2021

Miscellaneous Water Policies & Service Charges

Mobile Food Vending Application

Neighborhood Crime Report April 14, 2013

Open Burning Regulations

Owosso DDA TIF Report - FY 2022

Owosso DDA TIF Report - FY 2023

Park Facility List

Park Rules & Regulations - 2024

Parks & Recreation Commission Annual Report

Parks & Recreation Commission Bylaws

Peddler's Registration

Pension Reporting - FY 2020

Pension Reporting - FY 2021

Pension Reporting - FY 2022

Pension Reporting - FY 2023

Planning Commission Annual Report 2018

Planning Commission Annual Report 2019

Planning Commission Annual Report 2020

Planning Commission Annual Report 2021

Planning Commission Annual Report 2022

Planning Commission Annual Report 2023

Planning Commission Bylaws

Plumbing Permit Application

PRE - Rescission

Principal Residence Exemption

Program Series Release Form

Property Tax Poverty Exemption Guidelines & Forms - 2024

Property Transfer Affidavit

Rental Registration FAQ

Rental Registration Form

Rental Registration Guidelines

Rezoning Application

Right of Way Permit Requirements

Rules & Regulations for Issuance of Certain Traffic Control Orders

Sign Permit Application

Single Program Release Form

Site Plan Review Application

Site Plan Review Process Survey

Small Cell Wireless Facilities

Snow Removal Guide

Special Assessment Deferment Policy & Application

Special Land Use Application

Spring & Summer Yard Clean Up Guide

Staff Review Guidelines

Swimming Pools Above Ground

Tax Abatement Application

Tax Abatement Policy

Utility Account Responsibility Form

Vacant Property Registration FAQ

Vacant Property Registration Form

Variance Request-ZBA Application

Volunteer Application - Boards & Commissions

Water & Sewer Billing Procedure

Water & Sewer Rates - 2015/16

Water & Sewer Rates - 2016/17

Water & Sewer Rates - 2017/18

Water & Sewer Rates - 2018/19

Water & Sewer Rates - 2020

Water & Sewer Rates - 2021

Water & Sewer Rates - 2022-2027

Water Quality Report - 2014

Water Quality Report - 2015

Water Quality Report - 2016

Water Quality Report - 2017

Water Quality Report - 2018

Water Quality Report - 2019

Water Quality Report - 2020

Water Quality Report - 2020

Water Quality Report - 2021

Water Quality Report - 2022

Westown Map

Westown National Registry for Historic Place

ZBA Bylaws

Zoning Compliance Accessory Structures Application

Zoning Compliance New Business Application

Zoning Map