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Autumn 2013

Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

The city has a brownfield redevelopment authority composed of a board of nine members that also serves as the local development financing authority board. The purpose of the OBRA is to redevelop contaminated and obsolete sites within the city of Owosso under Public Act 381 of 1996.

This authority has the power to approve brownfield plans for specific sites and projects within the city. This designation allows the OBRA to collect taxes on new property tax increase increments to pay off eligible expenses onsite over time. Such a designation can also make the site eligible for other state incentives.

The OBRA has been successful at redeveloping contaminated and functionally obsolete sites and putting them into use; creating jobs, tax revenue, and ameliorating blight. One of the most notable projects is the Woodard Station project on the corner of Cass Street, and M-52. A list of all projects is below.

For information on existing brownfields, brownfield candidates, contaminated sites, or potential redevelopment projects, contact Nathan Henne.


Nathan Henne



Gregory Brodeur

Michael Dowler

Janae Fear

Dallas Lintner

Julie Omer

Susan J. Osika

Randy Woodworth