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Code Enforcement

The City of Owosso Building Department oversees code enforcement efforts within the city limits.  The mission of code enforcement is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of City of Owosso residents by promoting safe, healthy and sanitary housing through education and enforcement of property maintenance, zoning, nuisance and rental inspection codes.  Code enforcement further benefits the community by protecting property values through the elimination of blight such as trash, vacant structures, dilapidated buildings, junk cars, and tall grass.

Code enforcement efforts are initiated primarily on a complaint basis.  Greg Freeman and Brad Maybaugh are the City's Code Enforcement Officials.   As such they receive all complaints, determines if a code violation has occurred, and, in concert with other City departments, initiates efforts to remedy the situation.  

Code enforcement complaints can be submitted by calling 989-725-0537, 24-hours a day, 7 days per week or by using the form below.  For more information regarding the rules governing code enforcement please explore the References links on the right side of this page.   

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Code Enforcement Office

Greg Freeman

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Please utilize the links below for more information on the rules and laws governing code enforcement within the City.

Code of Ordinances

International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC)

IPMC Amendments