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City Utilities

Lead and Copper Update



The City of Owosso lead and copper sampling recently resulted in a small number of homes with a lead action level exceedance. As a result, the city is working extensively to inform residents about lead and copper. Since 2018, we have worked with residents to inspect over 56 water service lines and have developed a plan to actively pursue replacing lead service lines throughout the city. This work will be accomplished through the following initiatives:

  1. In conjunction with street construction and/or isolated water main replacement projects.

  2. Approved reimbursements from private contractor service line replacements.

  3. Planned replacements at locations that exceed lead AL parameters, and where lead or galvanized water service lines exist.  

  4. Effective 2021 the State mandates Michigan communities to replace Lead Service Lines (LSL) at an average of 5% of the total number identified per year until 100% removed.

The City of Owosso Public Water Supply is in compliance with the 1992 Safe Drinking Water Act Lead and Copper Rule and all revisions to the rule. The City of Owosso has been required by the State of Michigan to sample for Lead and Copper every three years. Beginning in 2021, the City will collect over 60 lead and copper samples every six months and reviewing the results to determine where corrective actions are necessary.

If customers have questions or concerns about their drinking water, you may contact the City of Owosso Water Supply at 989-725-0545 or email SafeWater@ci.owosso.mi.us 


Additional Information

The City of Owosso Water Supply publishes an annual water quality report which is mailed to all customers. A copy of that report can be found here: http://www.ci.owosso.mi.us/Portals/0/Files/Documents/Consumer_Confidence_Report_Final_2019.pdf

The City of Owosso Water Supply Public Advisory can be viewed here: 05120_Owosso_LCR_PA_FINAL_20201023.pdf

The City of Owosso Water Supply Public Education material can be viewed here: 05120_Owosso_LCR_PE_FINAL_20201023.pdf


Anyone with Health-Related Questions can contact the Shiawassee County Health Department at http://health.shiawassee.net/

Additional information regarding the new regulations and lead safety can be found on the EGLE website at https://www.michigan.gov/egle/0,9429,7-135-3313_3675_76638---,00.html


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Contact Information

Water Billing Inquiries: 989-725-0520

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Water Filtration Plant Superintendent

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Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent

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