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City DPW crews have begun Hydro-Excavating and will be in the following areas to verify service lines, in the near future. 

·        400 Block of Maple

·        100 Block W Ridge

·        758-802 Woodlawn

·        500 Block of Division

·        823-902 South Washington

·        800 Block of South Ball

·        1200 Block of Broadway

·        100 Block of South Cedar

·        400-700 Block of South Chipman

We will be examining Water Service Lines as part of our ongoing effort to identify and replace all of the city’s lead service lines. This will be accomplished using a Hydro Excavator which uses high-pressure water to create a hole about 18 inches in diameter. The holes will all be backfilled with sand.

 We will need to view the Water Service Lines both in the Right of Way, and on your property. If you prefer not to have a hole excavated in your yard, (please note, there will still be a hole in the Right of Way) you have the option to allow a DPW worker into your home to visually verify your service. You may call the Asset Management Specialist, Wyman Brown at the Safewater number, 989-725-0545, or e-mail to schedule an in home visit.