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Waste, Leaf, Brush, Composting & Related Services

Waste Management - Garbage and recycling services are not provided by the city.  Such services must be set up by the property owner with a private provider.  The schedule, pricing, and service level is not regulated by the city.  While maintaining such services is not required, a lack of waste management can result in the creation of a nuisance and as such, property owners are encouraged to arrange for adequate service.  A listing of known local providers as of December 2018 is below.  Additional and/or new providers may be listed in the Yellow Pages.

  • Granger Container Service, 16980 Wood, Lansing - 888-9GRANGER (Residential, commercial, industrial, construction)
  • Kelly's Refuse, 1780 W. Dowling Rd., Owosso - 723-3261 (Weekly residential garbage removal; public drop off site for trash & recycling; clean up & dumpsters)
  • Premier Waste Services, 1901 W South St., Owosso, 723-2526 (Residential, commercial, dumpster service - senior discounts - recycle & garbage drop off center)
  • Specialty Salvage, 1500 E. Cornell Rd., Owosso - 725-8062 (Residential, commercial, industrial; curbside recycling, waste & refuse removal services, senior rates, compost pick-up)
  • Waste Management, 11664 E. M-21 Hwy., Lennon - 866-797-9018 (Residential, commercial, industrial; waste removal services)

Yard Cleanup Guide – For information about the regulations pertaining to yard maintenance, including mowing and blight, see the Yard Guide link on the right side of this page.  This brochure also explains the city’s curbside brush pickup and brush drop off program.

Leaf Pickup – The City of Owosso provides a curbside leaf pick up service each fall.  For details regarding this program see the link to the right for the most recent Leaf Pickup Brochure.

Composting - This is a service that must be carried out through a private waste management company because the city does not accept grass clippings at the city drop-off site.  We advise people to purchase a mulching mower or contact their trash disposal company for information regarding the disposal of grass clippings.

Snow Removal – While snow removal is provided by the city on public streets and public parking lots, property owners must maintain their own drives, parking areas, and sidewalks.  Sidewalks serving the public must be cleared within 24 hours of a snow event.  For more details, see the Snow Removal Guide link on the right side of this page.

Trash Discussion

Earlier this year the City Council expressed an interest in exploring options for trash collection and recycling services.  In response to this request, the City Manager recently gave two separate PowerPoint presentations detailing the history, challenges, and possibilities for trash service in the City.  Because trash service effects each and every home and business within the City the City Council has called for a public forum to provide residents and local trash haulers with an opportunity to express their feelings on whether the City would be benefitted by switching to a single garbage hauler.  The date and time of this forum has yet to be determined and the Council has directed that no decision on the trash issue should be made until such time as the forum is held.  

To view the information presented to the Council please click the links below.  Further information on this topic will be posted to the City's Facebook and website as it becomes available.