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City Utilities

Are we connected to the Flint Water System, should I be concerned about my water in Owosso?

No, we have our own water supply from our own groundwater wells right here in Owosso.  We have excellent water quality from our wells and our water treatment ensures that our water is not corrosive.

Where does City water come from?

Six groundwater wells serve as our water supply source. Two wells (Hintz & Osburn) are located north & east of Owosso.  Two wells (Local Wells #1 & #13) are located near our water treatment plant off of S. Gould St.  And two wells (Palmer Wells No. 2 & 3) are located south of town, off Palmer Street near Hopkins Lake.  All the wells are individually tested to ensure they are a safe source of water.  The city has in place an approved wellhead protection program to further protect our source water from future, potential sources of contamination.  If you ever suspect any contamination is occurring within our well head protection zone please contact us at 725-0560 right away.

How is the City water treated?

All six wells deliver water to our central treatment plant, though generally only 1 or 2 wells are used at any given time.  The drinking water treatment plant is located east of S. Gould Street just north of Allendale Avenue.  The water treatment process consists of lime softening for hardness reduction and iron removal, dual media filtration and chlorine disinfection.  Fluoride is added as a dental health measure increasing the natural concentration from 0.4 parts per million to 0.6 parts per million.  On average the city treats and delivers 1,500,000 gallons of water per day.  The water plant is staffed and operated around the clock.

Can I get my water tested?

Testing drinking water can get very involved & expensive depending on what you are looking for.  If you have city water, we recommend you check with us first (Utilities Director’s office 725-0555) to see if our existing monitoring data will answer your question.  If not, we can assist you in getting individual water tests conducted though there may be a cost involved.  If you have an individual well and are interested in having your water checked, we recommend you contact the Shiawassee County Environmental Health office (989) 743-2390 for advice & assistance.

The City of Owosso Public Water Supply is tested for lead periodically and is in compliance with the 1992 Safe Drinking Water Act Lead and Copper Rule and all revisions to the rule. The City of Owosso is required by the State of Michigan to sample for Lead and Copper every three years.  This involves sampling water at 30 points throughout the City most likely to have higher concentrations of these metals.  The most recent survey was completed in 2014, and the next survey is scheduled for 2017.

Lead and copper are not contaminants produced from water treatment.  The City of Owosso provides its source of drinking water from ground wells.  This source of water is much more stable than from a surface water source exposed to the environment.  These wells and the recharge areas surrounding the wells are also protected by an approved State of Michigan Well Head Protection Plan.

Lead concentrations are typically generated from older piping installations during the early to later middle 1900’s.  Most of these sources are:

  • Lead water service lines (lead service lines are targeted for removal during each street and/or water main construction project scheduled).
  • Copper piping with lead/tin solder joints.
  • Brass used in plumbing fittings, fixtures, valves, meters, and faucets typically contain about 8% lead.

Copper concentrations are typically generated from the following sources:

  • Copper piping within the premises of the residential or commercial building.
  • Copper piping between the water main and the curb-stop.

Lead and Copper concentrations in your drinking water can be reduced or eliminated by the following actions:

  • Water softening at the City of Owosso Water Filtration Plant. The use of lime to remove hardness from the ground water source, leaves a film on the inside of all water piping and fixtures it comes into contact with, which minimizes the leaching of lead and copper into drinking water.
  • Removal of lead water service lines from the water main to the building.
  • Purchase of plumbing fixtures with little to no lead content (consult a plumber).
  • Purchase of alternative piping materials for building installation (consult a plumber).
  • Purchase of solder (for copper piping joints) with no lead (consult a plumber).

If customers have concerns about their drinking water, have it tested.  You may contact the Director of Utilities at 989-725-0555 for this assistance.

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Contact Information

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Water Filtration Plant Superintendent

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Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent

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