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Contractor crews working for the City of Owosso will return January 19, 2021 to perform the next stage of the city-wide sewer rehabilitation project.  Lake County Sewer Company is contracted to perform internal sealing of select pipe joints in the city's sanitary sewers.  Work site locations are:

  • W. Main Street (M-21), from Chestnut St. to Lafayette Blvd.
  • Martin Street, from Milwaukee St. southerly 350'.
  • Krust Drive, from Moore St. southerly 400'.
  • Whitehaven Court, from Stevens St. southerly 300'.
  • Herman Street, from Spiegal St. to Carr St.
  • Alger Avenue, 600 and 700 blocks.
  • Hanover Street, from Riverside Dr. northerly 250'.

Affected residents will be notified by both the City and Contractor in advance of the work.  They will be advised what is being done, what they should expect, and precautions necessary so as to avoid any problems.  All work should be completed by the end of the same week.  For more information or any questions, please contact the City Engineering Division office at 989-725-0550.