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In honor of Veteran's Day, we want to say thank you to all the veterans and active duty military serving our country.

The City of Owosso would like to honor our employees that are veterans:
Air Force: Kirk Machala (Filtration), Bryce Mowinski (DPW), Kent Platner (Fire) and Adam Terry (Police); 
Army: Paul Cameron (WWTP), Jim Dorris (WWTP), Bob Erickson (DPW), Doug Morrice (DPW) and Walt “Mac” McIlmurray (Building);
Marine Corps: Brad Hissong (Building), Brian Jenkins (Police) and Ryan Jenkins (Police);
Navy: Bill Brooks (DPW), Paul Cameron (WWTP), Glenn Chinavare (Utilities) and Branden Stockford (Police).

Thank you for your service.