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Preliminary construction, administered by Caledonia Township, for the 2022 Caledonia Charter Township Water Systems Improvement Project is scheduled to begin the week of July 11, 2022.  The scope of work includes tree removal (as applicable), driveway removal (as applicable), pavement removal (as applicable), water service line inspection, water main installation, water service line connections, driveway replacement (as applicable), and asphalt paving (as applicable).  Caledonia Township has hired ROWE Professional Services Company to provide construction oversight of the project. 


The following streets will be worked on:

  • James Ave from Aiken to Division

  • Kilbourn Ave from Union to the east end

  • Owosso Ave from Byerly to Linwood

  • Owosso Ave from Union to Division

  • Division Ave from Corunna (M-71) to Kilbourn

  • May St from Corunna (M-71) to south end

  • Johnson St from Corunna (M-71) to south end

  • Holiday Ave from Corunna (M-71) to south end

Please do not park on these streets during construction.  Driveway access will be maintained but there will be occasional periods of interruptions as work occurs near driveways.


Please contact ROWE Professional Services Company at 810-341-7500 with any questions.