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Date:  2/22/2021              

Location:  710 Grace Street

Time of Discovery: 7:50 am

Street/s and Block Numbers Affected: 600 and 700 Grace Street between Walnut & Cedar streets              

Time of MISSDIG Call (max 3-hour response time): 8:38 am

Estimated Time of Water Restored:  3:30 pm       


Water main breaks normally occur when ground conditions change, due to the freeze and thaw action occurring from about December to April.  During the initial water main break, you may experience loss of water pressure.  Once city crews arrive on site and when cleared by MISSDIG to excavate, you may lose water pressure entirely as crews isolate the leak by closing water main valves in the immediate area.  After repairs are made and valves are reopened, you may notice reddish, brown, or cloudy colored water as well as air hissing from your faucets.  Turn on faucets slowly to purge plumbing of air from restored water system pressure.  Run water from faucets until all air and discoloration is no longer present.  Do not wash clothes until water runs clear from faucets.  Remove aerator screens from faucets and clean if flow appears less than normal.  The cloudy, colored appearance of water caused from a water main break or the opening of hydrants and flushing the distribution system can be a temporary nuisance, but is not harmful.  Coloration is the result of natural occurring iron from ground water sources, and treatment chemicals that coat the interior of pipes.  When water flow is interrupted or when water moves in a different direction than normal, some of the internal coatings will peel off and generate the colored sediment observed when running the faucet.  


Please note:  Once MISSDIG clears/marks underground utilities for excavation, average repair time after water is turned off is about four hours.  Customers should always have on hand an emergency supply of water for drinking and sanitation flushing.