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The City Public Services Department budgets funds each year for the restoration and maintenance of sidewalks and curb & gutter.  This Program Maintenance Plan moves in a clockwise direction to focus on a specific area annually. 


Additionally, city crews will reevaluatre streets where recently completed construction and rehabilitation has occurred.  This provides an opportunity to restore or replace any remaining sidewalks, to enhance a more uniform street appearance.    


Further, city crews also divert from its planned focus and post street construction area, to address other critical need locations based on residential complaints.


Attached are the 2020 program maps detailing the locations of work to be performed.  Seifert Concrete, LLC will be performing this work beginning in August of this year.


For questions regarding the Sidewalk & Curb Restoration Program, please contact Wyman Brown, Asset Management  Specialist, at 989-725-0579, or email at


Glenn M. Chinavare

Director of Public Services