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Community Causes

Shiawassee Firefighter’s Memorial

The Shiawassee Firefighter’s Memorial is organized exclusively to raise funds for and oversee construction and maintenance of a memorial/museum dedicated to the firefighters of Shiawassee County with special focus on the firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Plans for the memorial include a structure to display and preserve the 1921 LaFrance fire truck. This was the first gas powered fire truck owned by the City of Owosso, which serviced the City for several years. The structure will also include plaques to recognize the following firefighters who were killed in the line of duty: Fred Ross, City of Owosso, 4/1/1900; Roger Wenk, Byron Fire Department, 4/10/1977; and Elmer Hodge, City of Owosso, 1/12/1981. The memorial will also include various related artifacts and benches to serve as a park for visitors. Please find more information on our website at and visit our Facebook page at Shiawassee Firefighter’s Memorial.

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Community Cats

Are stray cats a problem in your neighborhood?  Are you looking for ways to reduce the number of unwanted animals in your area?  The Community Cats of Owosso organization may just have the answer!

MEOW!  Community Cats of Owosso is hosting its reduced-cost spay/neuter event, the last Wednesday of each month through October, for the greater Owosso community.  Persons caring for feral/stray/outside "community" cats, or those who need a low-cost option for a pet cat, can call Betsy Goodin (989)723-4465 or Lori Bailey (989)723-0064 to make a reservation.  There is room for sixty cats each month.  While the best thing is a one-on-one with your local veterinarian, that is not always financially possible.  This is a no-frills approach to help the community and reduce the number of unwanted kittens. 

Community cats (stray/feral/outside cats) are $25.  This includes a rabies vaccination.  These cats are ear-tipped (top 1/4 inch of the left ear is docked) for future identification as having been spay/neutered.  Other cats are $40.  This price does not include vaccination and they are not ear-tipped.  The difference in cost is because of different funding sources for the clinic.  If a mother cat is brought in with her kittens that are between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks, the kittens are only $10 each!  (Kittens are able to be spay/neutered if they are at least 2 lbs.)  All the cats are given a general health assessment and their owners/caretakers are informed of the results.

Cats are brought to the Department of Public Works garage, 522 Milwaukee St. at 6:30 a.m. the last Wednesday of the month and picked up there the next morning at 9:30 a.m.  The cats are transported to and kept overnight at All About Animals Rescue, in Warren, because so many of the cats do not have a safe, warm place to recover from the surgery.  Females especially need a few more days of observation and safe-keeping, if at all possible, before being allowed to return outside.

Community Cats of Owosso has traps and carriers to loan for those who want to trap cats.  They also offer advice and assistance with trapping if needed.  Those who have questions or wish to help with the project can contact Goodin or Bailey via phone or on the Community Cats of Owosso Facebook page.  Much needed donations of money, traps, carriers, etc. are also appreciated.  Donations can be made via PayPal using the link below.

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Plunge for Parks

Thank you to all our past plungers and donors.  You can still make a donation (below).  Click on the link and follow the prompts.  You can designate the plunger you wish to sponsor or make a general donation.


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